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Welcome VMTurbo to the DiscoPosse Family!
It is just one cool thing after another recently here out of the DiscoPosse camp, and I am proud to be able to share that I am welcoming VMTurbo as a sponsor for today!

You Hate Reorganizing Your Garage—Why Do It in Your Data Center?
Divide et impera (divide and conquer): people learned this approach thousands years ago. If something is complex, split it into smaller units, separate them from each other and control them individually. It usually works. Instead of dealing with tons of small, assorted items in your garage, you put them into boxes and place boxes on shelves, then everything is nice and easy to find.

VMTurbo: #26 Forbes Most Promising Companies 2014
At VMTURBO, we are really pleased to be included on Forbes list of Americas Most Promising Companies at #26. Thank you Forbes! Last year we were ranked at #89, which was awesome, but to rocket up 63 places in a year is even more so. It speaks volumes to the challenges created by virtualization and the software-driven world and the way we go about resolving them at VMTURBO.

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