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Close the Loop – stop collecting and start automating

Automated data center management is the key to enabling broader adoption of virtualization and cloud infrastructure. Too many cycles are spent instrumenting, collecting and reporting on metrics across the data center. This bottom-up approach to management leaves IT operators with the difficult task of correlating events and manually determining what to do. Virtualization is a game-changer – it enables the agility required to automate the data center with the necessary actions to keep the environment running in a healthy, optimized state. This is how VMTurbo works, closing the loop between monitoring, analyzing and automating the data center to better control the virtualized environment.

Monitor, Analyze, ActIntelligent analysis and control continuously assesses the thousands of performance metrics and available capacity across the entire IT stack, considers all business and physical constraints, and drives the necessary actions to tune and maintain the environment in an optimal operating state. All this should be done regardless of established thresholds or event correlation and alerts and is oriented on assuring application QoS while utilizing the virtualized infrastructure as efficiently as possible. Instead of alerting you when problems occur, or are about to occur, this approach prevents them from happening and controls the environment in a “healthy” state – optimizing performance, maximizing infrastructure efficiencies and reducing operational costs.

 Get to 100% – extend the value of virtualization to business critical applications

As virtualized environments scale, consolidation ratios increase, and tier-1 applications are virtualized you need greater visibility and analytics that drive automation of IT processes.  To achieve this, the VMTurbo platform integrates with application delivery controllers (ADCs), such as Citrix NetScaler.  ADCs (also known as load balancers) provide a vantage point to understand and control many of the variables that can impact the performance and reliability of the applications they manage—especially those workloads that are multi-tiered and distributed.

Because VMTurbo Operations Manager supports ADCs as targets, it discovers the virtual applications (also known as vServers) and manages them – allowing you to automate the control and real-time resource allocation decisions for multi-tiered applications front-ended by these appliances. VMTurbo Operations Manager can intelligently prioritize resources and automatically scale up or down across a load-balanced application farm as demand fluctuates.

The virtualization of business-critical workloads introduces another level of complexity and ADCs by themselves may no longer be enough to maintain the expected performance improvements. VMTurbo Operations Manager is the key to providing application performance assurance in these environments—delivering a boost to get past any application virtualization speed bumps on your virtualization journey.

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