The Economic Scheduling Engine

A Market-Based Approach to IT Management

VMTurbo’s patented Economic Scheduling Engine automates key virtualization management operational procedures including complex workload balancing, real time and continuous rightsizing, and virtual infrastructure performance and capacity management.  Through powerful data correlation capabilities the technology provides immediate corrective actions to building performance and utilization problems in real time which would otherwise be difficult to identify.

The Economic Scheduling Engine is based on modeling the virtualized IT stack as a service supply chain, where components consume services of other components. For example, a bottleneck, reflecting excess demand over supply, will result in rising prices of the respective resource. Applications competing over the resource may shift their workloads to alternate resources to lower their costs, resolving the bottleneck. Using economic solution techniques VMTurbo essentially redistributes the demand, or increases the supply, as appropriate.

The VMTurbo Economic Scheduling Engine pinpoints specific areas of resource contention across the virtual datacenter and recognizes the impact of emerging bottlenecks in real-time. It also identifies the recommended corrective actions to address the issues with full understanding of how they will affect the overall system and can automate the execution of them to ensure your virtualized environment is running optimally.

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A Market-based Model for IT Management

A Market-based Model for IT Management