Intelligent Workload and Virtualization Management Solution

Changing the Way Data Centers are Controlled

Intelligent Workload Management is based on a holistic understanding of the entire IT environment. It leverages the fluidity that virtualization management provides, to continuously tune the system and assure application performance while also utilizing the underlying resources as efficiently as possible. It’s not about threshold management, predictive analytics, alert suppression or root cause diagnostics. It’s about intelligently preventing problems from occurring in the first place – by optimizing and removing contention across the entire environment.

Intelligent Workload Management provides a complete closed loop solution that monitors, analyzes and controls your virtual environment – simplifying and automating the process of identifying and resolving performance bottlenecks. It proactively takes steps to avoid performance bottlenecks which would otherwise impact service delivery, while getting the most out of your physical infrastructure.

Assuring Performance and Preventing Bottlenecks – Today and Tomorrow

Intelligent Workload Management must also extend beyond management of the real time infrastructure and enable planned changes to the virtualized infrastructure to be modeled prior to their implementation. The goal here is to minimize the risk of making changes which could compromise application performance, but at the same time ensure these changes are implemented to exploit the infrastructure in the most efficient way.

VMTurbo drives Intelligent Workload Management with an Economic Scheduling Engine that continuously tunes the environment to reduce resource contention and avoid performance issues before problems occur. The technology represents the virtualized IT environment as a marketplace. It conceptualizes the infrastructure as a service supply chain and balances workloads according to supply and demand – based on price and budget priority. At any time, there is a certain supply of CPU, memory, drive space, IOPS, and other resources demanded by virtual machines and applications. Resource prices fluctuate according to utilization rates as demand changes. In this abstraction layer – as in any market –buyers are constantly shopping around for better prices and sellers raise price as resources become scarce.

Using VMTurbo Operations Manager, high priority, business-critical applications are given more currency to spend on resources. Should contention in the environment become elevated, resources become over-utilized or scheduling conflicts occur, those applications are able to afford the resources needed to preserve performance and reliability levels. Lower priority applications utilize lower priced services. Conflicts are automatically resolved by the market according to business requirements.

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