VMTurbo Operations Management Editions


VMTurbo Virtual Health Monitor

The Virtual Health Monitor is provided at no cost and with no infrastructure limitations. It’s the only free, fully featured monitoring and reporting solution for virtual infrastructures. It provides basic real-time visibility across all virtualized hosts and virtual machines, helping you identify issues and understand the breadth of problems in your environment.  The product also provides a set of infrastructure reports that can be used to show historical performance across your virtual datacenter.

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VMTurbo Operations Manager – Enterprise Edition

The Enterprise Edition is where the unique aspects of our underlying technology are brought to bear. This edition includes the Economic Scheduling Engine functionality which drives intelligent and automated decision-making for your virtual environment. Enterprise Edition closes the loop from visibility to action, continuously monitoring, analyzing, and automating real-time performance decisions across your virtual infrastructure. Prevent performance issues, tune the environment to perform optimally, ensure business critical applications have the resources they require, intelligently plan for future capacity and hardware changes – all without manual intervention or reactive firefighting.  VMTurbo Operations Manager – Enterprise Edition is the right choice for on-premise datacenters without multi-tenancy or cloud architecture requirements.

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VMTurbo Operations Manager – Cloud Edition

Cloud-scale architectures require cloud-scale management. VMTurbo Operations Manager integrates directly into VMware vCloud Director and the Open Source CloudStack offering to enable enterprise private cloud builders and cloud service providers to build and manage cloud infrastructures. The product understands priority and makes resource allocation decision across Organizational and Provider Virtual Datacenters in a vCloud Director deployment, helping you to tier and assure service across a multi-tenant environment. VMTurbo Operations Manager – Cloud Edition is the right choice to get the most out of your cloud environment without running the risk of over-subscription and service-level concerns.

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Application Control Module

VMTurbo Application Control Module is an add-on module for Cloud and Enterprise Editions of Operations Manager.  With the Application Control Module, Operations Manager provides deep visibility to application metrics for applications that run within the virtual environment. The capability enables application-aware service assurance by discovering and managing applications as a single entity, enabling policy-based prioritization for tiers of service, and understanding the real-time performance characteristics at the application layer (response times and latency) to make resourcing decisions that ensure performance across the board.

The Application Control Module also enables integration to the Application Delivery Control (ADC) layer of the infrastructure – load balancing appliances that front-end application farms and provide acceleration, caching and security.  ADC integration provides additional visibility to application-level performance (throughput and load) and utilizes the control points within the appliances to scale back-end application resources up or down to respond to changes in demand.

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Storage Control Module

VMTurbo Storage Control Module is an add-on module for Cloud and Enterprise Editions of Operations Manager. Understanding the interdependencies between the virtualization and storage layers is critical in maintaining quality of service and driving utilization efficiency in virtual data centers. In fact, the majority of performance issues stem from storage-related constraints. VMTurbo Operations Manager with its add-on Storage Control Module focuses specifically on addressing these challenges – bringing the control initially created for virtual servers to the storage layer.

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Fabric Control Module

Fabrics such as Cisco UCS unify compute, network, virtualization and storage access into a single integrated architecture and form the foundation of a programmable infrastructure for today’s private clouds and virtualized datacenters, providing the backbone of converged infrastructure offerings such as VCE vBlock and NetApp FlexPod.  The VMTurbo Fabric Control module complements Operations Manager, ensuring that the fabric is kept in the desired state, so that workloads get the compute and network resources they need to perform reliably while maximizing the utilization of underlying fabric blades and ports.  It enables enterprises and service providers to obtain complete visibility and control of the fabric and the extended IT stack.

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