VMTurbo Operations Manager Key Features

VMTurbo’s Intelligent Workload Management Solution for cloud and virtual infrastructures delivers cloud-scale management for the largest service provider and enterprise virtual infrastructures, expanded heterogeneous hypervisor support, new application performance assurance capabilities, and enhanced capacity planning functionality. The product delivers this all from a single virtual appliance that installs in minutes and provides actionable, and automatable, recommendations to improve performance across the virtual environment immediately.

Key features include:

  • Problem Prevention: Identifying and resolving configuration constraints and resource contention across the virtual environment – prioritizing resources for critical applications and workloads as capacity becomes taxed.
  • Automated Recommendations: Closing the loop on IT management – the only real-time operations solution that analyzes the IT environment, identifies improvements, and automate the execution of them.
  • Resource Optimization & Tuning: Continuously maintaining the virtual environment in a healthy state – ensuring application performance and driving best use of physical resources.
  • Intelligent Capacity Planning: Using actual workload characteristics and configurations to build and execute hardware refresh, workload expansion, and data center consolidation plans.
  • Heterogeneous Hypervisor Management: Unify virtualization management across VMWare vSphere, Microsoft Hyper-V, and Citrix XenServer environments.
  • Multi-tenant Management: Delegated, policy-based access to manage only the resources, applications, vCenters, clusters, or resource pools based on role or user credentials.
  • Cloud-scale Management: Connect and manage across multiple vCenters, Resource Pools or Clusters and unlimited Virtual Machines.
  • Cloud Architecture Integration (vCloud Director & CloudStack): Control resource allocation decisions across Organization and Provider Virtual Data Centers in a vCloud Directory infrastructure. Ensure service and resource availability while getting the absolute most out of the underlying hardware.
  • Infrastructure Performance Visibility: Real-time visibility to performance and utilization across the virtual data center.
  • Capacity and Performance Alerting: Real-time notification of performance and capacity constraints.
  • Management Reporting: Historical reporting and trending across the virtual data center.
  • API Integration & Support: Integrate VMTurbo Operations Manager with other management solutions in your data center (change management, ticketing, etc.)
  • Application Performance Visibility: Understand resource utilization and performance across multi-tier applications in your virtual environment.
  • Application Discovery and Policy: Discover and manage virtual applications, establishing business priority to ensure critical applications have access to the resources they need as the environment becomes heavily utilized.
  • Application Load Balancing Integration: Intelligently prioritize resources and automatically scale-up or down across a load-balanced application farm as demand fluctuates – provisioning and binding new application workloads to Application Delivery Controllers in an automated fashion.

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A Market-based Model for IT Management

A Market-based Model for IT Management