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Driving Automated, Intelligent Decision-Making Across the Virtual Data Center

Cloud and virtualized infrastructures introduce new challenges for IT Operations and Data Center Architects. While this shared resource model improves utilization, it also increases the likelihood for interference and resource contention across workloads and applications.  As companies broaden their use of virtualization and adopt cloud services, the management approach must change to solve for these new challenges and take advantage of the increased fluidity now provided.

VMTurbo enables this new approach – giving IT control by driving automated, intelligent decision-making across the virtual data center. The technology addresses resource contention before problems occur, makes certain that applications have the resources they require, and ensures the infrastructure is utilized in most efficient way possible. The result: IT operators are freed from the reactive, firefighting mode that encompasses most organizations; architects and planners are able to effectively plan for new virtual applications, additional users, and hardware upgrades; and companies are able to push forward – with confidence – with their virtualization and cloud-adoption initiatives.

What makes our technology unique is its ability to allow you to:

1.  Prevent vs. Predict
2.  Embrace Automation
3.  Drive Maximum Infrastructure Efficiency
4.  Build and Manage Cloud Services
5.  Virtualize Business Critical Applications
6.  Simplify and Unify Virtualization Management

Your virtualized environment drives a stringent set of requirements: assuring service levels, minimizing interference, avoiding bottlenecks, handling dynamic peaks (rather than just averages), handling multiple application types, and optimizing capacity. The issues you can encounter if you manage it poorly are many (and increasingly difficult to solve): IO bottlenecks, memory congestion, vSMP stuck in Ready Queues, performance problems, SLA violations, and underutilized resources. The result for many is an over-provisioned environment, or a poorly performing one. And for some, it’s both. VMTurbo Operations Manager is the ONLY automated control plane for the virtualized data center — using our Economic Scheduling Engine to assure application performance and quality of service while utilizing the underlying infrastructure as efficiently as possible by:

  • Continuously assessing performance and contention across the environment
  • Proactively detecting degradations and anomalies as they emerge
  • Recommending and executing the actions to resolve and prevent problems
  • Maintaining the environment in a healthy state
  • Intelligently planning for growth and changes to the virtual environment

Prevent vs. Predict
Rather than focus on threshold-based management, the emphasis should be on ensuring that the resources required by your applications in general, and your mission-critical ones in particular, are always available. To do this you must have a management solution that:

  • Has real time insight into the performance of the applications and the underlying infrastructure.
  • Is continuously aware of dynamic changes across the environment in order to prevent problems before they occur.
  • Possesses the ability to intelligently tune (in the form of tangible actions) the configuration across the environment to optimize workload performance and system utilization.

Embrace Automation
Automation after the fact is untenable – there are too many constraints to assess and the risk of unintended consequences is too high. Our approach of continuously tuning and optimizing the environment, leveraging the fluidity virtualization provides, allows automation to function properly. Because our technology is holistic in nature, and focused on maintaining a healthy state via our market-based approach – the corrective actions react to fluctuations across the data center in real-time and automation can be fully employed.

3. Drive Maximum Infrastructure Efficiency
By continuously matching supply and demand across the virtual data center our technology focuses on ensuring an efficient supply-chain where applications and virtual workloads get everything they need – and only that. VMTurbo Operations Manager continuously optimizes resource utilization with a full understanding of the configuration constraints and service-level requirements in the environment.

Build and Manage Cloud Services
VMware vCloud Director and Citrix CloudStack integration enables you to intelligently build and manage cloud services – either within your own business or as a business. Our technology understands priority and makes resource allocation decision across Organizational and Provider Virtual Data centers in a vCloud Director deployment, helping you to tier and assure service across a multi-tenant environment. Integration with CloudStack gives you choice and flexibility with your cloud architecture decisions.

Virtualize Business Critical Applications
Extend the benefits and cost savings of virtualization to applications that your business runs on. Application-aware service assurance enables you to get to 100% virtualization while still guaranteeing that resources are available to your critical applications when contention builds in your shared environment. It’s a feature no other solution can provide today.

Simplify and Unify Virtualization Management
Our technology integrates with all virtualization platforms and other important control points in the datacenter through a single virtual appliance and pane of glass. Use the right hypervisor for the job and save costs on virtualization licensing without complicating operations management. Virtualization platforms supported include: VMware vSphere (ESX) and vCloud Director, Microsoft Hyper-V, Citrix XenServer, and CloudStack.  The solution is easily downloaded and installed – and starts providing value within minutes of being deployed.


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