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Stop Fighting Fires, Start Automating and Controlling the Environment

Infrastructure Operations teams must ensure the availability and performance of the end-to-end IT infrastructure in order to support the service level requirements of the applications that their business runs on. Traditionally, the rapid identification of the cause of problems and the determination of what steps to take to minimize the impact to production services has been the focal point in fulfilling this role.

Virtualization introduces new complexities for Infrastructure Operations teams. Pinpointing the cause of performance degradation and identifying the correct resolution is challenging, both due to the added layer of abstraction and because virtual machines share physical compute, memory, and network resources. Furthermore, dynamic fluctuations in workloads can create interference which drives the utilization of these resources beyond safe boundaries — creating problems which directly impact application performance and end user experience.

Today’s IT Operators are struggling to meet these challenges. The problem: traditional management tools are partitioned by technology and function. They focus on data collection and threshold-based alerting, with little intelligence about automating decision making. Virtualization – and the agility it offers – introduces dramatic opportunities to manage differently and reduce labor-intensive management tasks. The Operations Management tool-set and approach must be built with this in mind.

VMTurbo Operations Manager is designed to unlock the management benefits virtualization introduces. By continuously understanding real-time performance, application responsiveness, resource contention and system utilization across your virtual datacenter, our data center control solution enables you to:

  • Avoid costly application problems by automating corrective actions BEFORE performance is affected
  • Understand the holistic effect of real-time adjustments to configuration across the environment
  • Continuously de-risk the virtual environment by reducing contention before it reaches a critical state
  • Intelligently plan for the addition of new workloads, users or hardware

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