VMTurbo Operations Manager

A Smarter Way to Control Cloud and Virtualized Environments

VMTurbo delivers an intelligent workload management solution providing service assurance and infrastructure efficiency for cloud and virtualized environments. With an emphasis on prevention, VMTurbo delivers an intelligent and automated control plane for cloud and virtualized datacenters. Easy to deploy and simple to administer, VMTurbo Operations Manager assures application performance, operational efficiency and optimal resource utilization.

Our patented Economic Scheduling Engine dynamically allocates resources in your infrastructure to best meet your business goals. With VMTurbo, our customers ensure their applications get the resources they need to operate reliably while utilizing infrastructure and human resources in the most efficient way.

Intelligent Workload Management

Assuring Performance at the Lowest Infrastructure Cost

The biggest challenge you face is how to ensure the performance of mission critical applications while getting the most out of your virtualized environment. It’s a very complex problem – and a delicate balancing act. The cost of getting it wrong is enormous. If you provision for the peaks to ensure performance and service delivery, resources are underutilized 90% of the time. If your emphasis is over-weighted on saving costs on your infrastructure, you run the risk of service level issues which affects your organization’s ability to operate optimally and efficiently. It’s a business imperative to properly right-size and continuously tune the shared infrastructure in order for your virtualized and cloud environments to be more successful.

VMTurbo closes the loop between collecting data and controlling the environment. Our solution taps into the increased agility provided by virtualization to continually tune, adjust, and plan how the infrastructure is optimized based on the needs and demands of your entire infrastructure today and in the future.

Manage your cloud and virtual infrastructure smarter with Intelligent Workload Management from VMTurbo.

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