Evaluation Tutorials

VMTurbo Operations Manager Evaluation

Sometimes, seeing is believing! That’s why we’ve assembled several instructive video tutorials to aid you in evaluating VMTurbo Operations Manager.  We recommend that you follow a few distinct phases in your trial:


In addition to documenting and identifying the current state of the environment in the Operations Manager Inventory tab, you will learn more about navigating the Home tab, and understand how to customize views and reports.

View Discover Phase Video Tutorial


Operations Manager makes recommendations to improve performance and efficiency.  By executing the prescribed actions, you can prevent problems before they arise and converge your environment to the Optimal Operating Zone–where application performance is ensured and you are getting the most out of your underlying physical resources.

View Converge Phase Video Tutorial


At this stage of your evaluation, you are likely ready to configure automation policies, workload priorities, and other settings to let VMTurbo automatically maintain your environment in a healthy state. By leveraging automation, problems are prevented and your team is relieved of reactive fire-fighting activities.

View Control Phase Video Tutorial


The advanced planning features in VMTurbo Operations Manager can deliver the answers to questions such as: Can I add more workloads using existing assets? What’s the likely impact of refreshing my server and/or storage hardware? Is there a benefit to merging clusters or consolidating data centers? and other “what if” scenarios.

View Plan Phase Video Tutorial

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