Enterprise IT Operations

Infrastructure Operations teams must ensure the availability and performance of the end-to-end IT infrastructure in order to support the service level requirements of business critical applications. Identifying the cause of problems and determining what steps to take to minimize the impact to production services is critical in fulfilling the role of IT operations management.

Virtualization introduces new complexities. Pinpointing the cause of performance degradation and identifying the correct resolution is challenging in shared environments. Furthermore, dynamic fluctuations in workloads can create interference which drives the utilization of these resources beyond safe boundaries — producing problems which directly impact application performance and end user experience.

Unfortunately, existing IT operations management tools typically provide an element-centric view of individual physical and virtual servers, with little or no understanding of the dependencies and interactions that must be considered to accurately detect and resolve problems. This leads to a significant drain on resources, across multiple technology groups, needed to triage problems and results in failure to meet goals defined in Service Level Agreements for infrastructure performance and availability.

Rethinking Your Approach to IT Operations Management

VMTurbo enables you improve control and change the way you manage IT operations in virtualized environments by providing you with:

  1. A deep understanding of the complex dynamically changing relationships that exist between physical and virtual server and storage resources
  2. The intelligence to detect the cause of performance degradation and its impact on service so that resolution can be prioritized appropriately
  3. The intelligence to compute the specific workload management and resource allocation actions required to resolve these issues
  4. The ability to proactively optimize the environment in real time, on an ongoing basis, to prevent workload interference and the impact this can have on application performance

With VMTurbo Operations Manager our customers operate more efficiently, improve hardware utilization while meeting service levels requirements. And, more importantly, get out of the business of reacting to alerts and diagnosing the root cause of performance problems.

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Video: Needs of the Virtualized Data Center

Needs of the Virtualized Data Center